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We offer speedy and reliable phone and computer repair service in New Orleans, LA. We pride ourselves on delivering repair service, giving our clients 100% satisfaction and peace of mind knowing all of our repairs come with a warranty.

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Phone Repair New Orleans

Completing numerous jobs for our clients, our technicians have become professionally trained and experts in offering quality repairs. Each of our technicians has been in the industry for years, and they guarantee the best solution for your needs, on time and at a very competitive cost.

To provide the best results for each job, we use premium, high-quality products to complete each repair. We have been fixing various devices from all the big names from Apple and Samsung to Huawei, Sony, and LG, which means we can deliver any job without hassle. Most repairs can be done within an hour, so we ensure fast and convenient repair services.

Phone Repair New Orleans LA

Phone Battery Replacements

We offer you fast and efficient phone battery replacement services in New Orleans for almost all brands and models of smartphones, including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and Sony. When there is a problem with your phone’s battery, you may experience issues, such as battery draining quickly, slow charging, powering off when you connect to the internet, or dying at a certain battery percentage. Even with regular use, your phone battery life must get you through the whole day. Regardless of what battery issue you are experiencing, you can count on our technicians to help you fix or replace your damaged battery and make your phone function better.

Laptop Repairs

Is your laptop having some issues, or has it stopped working? There might be a significant problem that must be addressed immediately to prevent it from getting more severe. The first thing to do is call Phone Repair New Orleans to schedule an appointment for a laptop repair. We have technicians who are experts in laptop repairs. We will offer you anything from laptop keyboard replacement and screen replacement to affordable laptop repair in New Orleans. The best thing with our laptop repairs service is that you hand over your laptop to us; we take care of it like it is our own. This allows us to provide personalized solutions regardless of how severe the issue may look like.


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Fast & Convenient - Phone Repair New Orleans LA

Fast & Convenient

Most of our repairs are completed within the day, and we are available anytime to provide you the service you need in your free time.

Best Customer Service - Phone Repair New Orleans LA

Best Customer Services

We ensure to answer all our clients’ inquiries and provide them the best solution to their problems.

Free Diagnostic - Phone Repair New Orleans LA

Free Diagnostic

We offer free diagnostics to help you understand your device’s condition better.

Satisfaction Guaranteed - Phone Repair New Orleans LA

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We use top-quality parts for all repairs we perform, which makes our repair quality even better with an outstanding level of service.

High Quality Services - Phone Repair New Orleans LA

High-Quality Services

Being in the industry for years, we are committed to providing top-notch services that guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Expert Staff - Phone Repair New Orleans LA

Expert Staff

Our certified technicians are experts and the best in New Orleans.

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Our Clients Say

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"Extraordinary experience and outstanding customer service at Phone Repair New Orleans LA. They have addressed my phone’s issue right away and provided excellent results. Highly recommended!"

Reonne J.

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"I had a wonderful experience having my laptop fixed at Phone Repair New Orleans and recommend them. They offer great service at an amazing, very reasonable price."

Jojo D.

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"If you need a quick turnaround and affordable service, Phone Repair New Orleans is the best team to contact. They have resolved my iPhone issues within an hour, and their rates are very affordable!"

Arly M.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to replace an iPhone screen in New Orleans?

If your iPhone has a problem like a screen got cracked or damaged, you will need to get it fixed in the nearest Apple Store but how much does it cost to replace an iPhone screen in New Orleans? When you avail of your device, you will be given a warranty. On average, screen repairs would cost $220. For a device with a warranty, it would cost you $29 and can increase to $329. But the price may vary depending on the type of your iPhone. Here is some of the list with its price range if this is out of warranty.

  • iPhone X — $279
  • iPhone XR — $199
  • iPhone XS — $279
  • iPhone XS Max — $329
  • iPhone 7 — $149
  • iPhone 7 Plus — $169

Other damages such as a shattered glass back, for an iPhone XR this will cost $549.

How much does it cost to fix a phone screen in New Orleans?

No matter how careful you are not to break your phone, accidents will still happen. Most of the time, screen damage happens in any type of mobile phone that you used. Check how much does it cost to fix a phone screen screen in New Orleans?For iPhone screen repair, the cost may start from $29 but can still increase $329. This depends on the unit. For android phones such as Samsung Galaxy phones, this could cost less than $50 to more than $279. Both types of the mobile phone can be repaired to a third-party screen repair.

How much to replace macbook pro battery in New Orleans?

MacBook Pro is considered to be a good investment. With its great functionality that can help you complete the task smoothly. But there would come to a point that it would need to replace its battery. You can check if you still have a warranty so that it can be changed for free for an out of warranty MacBook, how much to replace MacBook Pro battery in New Orleans? The replacement can typically range from $129 to $199. The price range may also vary depending on the model year of your MacBook Pro.

How much does it cost to replace a laptop screen in New Orleans?

If you accidentally dropped your laptop and broke the screen, you would like to know right away how much does it cost to replace a laptop screen in New Orleans? In replacing the laptop screen, this may cost you around $200 to $600 which would include the parts and labor, this also depends on the type of your laptop brand.

Where can I get my PS4 fixed in New Orleans?

PS4 is a new trend wherein the comfort of your own home, you can play your favorite games. With the long period of using, there would be times that your console will need fixing and ask where can I get my PS4 fixed in New Orleans? You may bring your PS4 to a Sony Center Repair, Local Repair Shop, Mail-in Repair Center or do a DIY repair.

How much is the new Samsung phone in New Orleans?

Samsung phones get innovative and every time they release a new phone everyone would like to know how much is the new Samsung phone in New Orleans? The company has just released its Samsung Galaxy S20, price starts below $700. Also, they released the Galaxy Z Fold 2 which cost $1,999.